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GeoPleat (Case of 3)





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The new GeoPleat advanced pleating technology increases media area per filter, reducing resistance to air flow and maximizing service life. The GeoPleat is designed to perform in nearly any HVAC installation and will not warp or collapse over time.

The GeoPleat frame is formed with high impact plastic to precise dimensions for a secure fit in either housing or holding frames. The frame is impervious to moisture, rigid, and exceptionally lightweight for safe and easy handing and installation.

Pleats are thermoformed at the tips to maintain integrity. Uniformed beads of foamed hot-melt separate the pleats to the most efficient and exacting tolerances to lower air drag across the filter. The media pack is adhesively bonded on all four sides of the filter frame, eliminating the possibility of air by-pass around the filter media.

  • Advanced pleat design for even dust loading and maximum service life
  • High impact plastic frame for harsh environments
  • Very low resistance to air flow results in lower energy costs
  • Underwriters Laboratories classified to UL 900
  • Robust filter media resists tearing or damage
  • Lightweight and compact design saves shipping and storage space
  • Completely incinerable
  • Sustainable component for a LEED Green Building initiative
  • Exceeds LEED MERV 13 efficiency requirement

Low Air Flow Resistance

GeoPleat&rsquos improved media and pack design combine for the lowest pressure drop available in a compact rigid box filter. The lower pressure drop leads to considerable energy savings in variable drive HVAC systems.

Longer Filter Life

The New GeoPleat now has 30% more media per filter, lowering media velocity and expanding the dust holding capacity. Increased media and higher DHC extend and maximize the life of the filter. Longer filter life reduces labor and disposal footprint of used filters.


The GeoPleat is extremely light in weight allowing for easier and less expensive transportation, handling, safe installation and removal. GeoPleat weighs up to 75% less than competitive 12&rdquo filters. It is specifically recommended for applications with space constraints, roof-top air handling units, or anywhere a safer filter installation is desired.

Robust Media

The media is extremely durable, designed to resist damage from shipping, handling, and installation. The media is resistant to moisture and microbial growth.

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