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Most 1" and 2" filters come 12 to a case, and most 4" filters come 6 to a case. Larger and/or thicker filter sizes may come with 3, 4 or 6 filters per case.

The Aerostar® Series 400 pleated air filter utilizes a state-of-the-art 100% synthetic media to achieve exceptionally high levels of efficiency with the lowest resistance to air flow available. The media is laminated to an expanded metal grid on the air exiting side to provide exceptional strength during installation. The media support grid prevents fluttering and maintains pleat uniformity for optimum performance. The filter pack is enclosed in a heavy-duty, moisture resistant die-cut frame that will not warp, crack, or distort under normal operating conditions.

The 1" and 2" depth filters handle air velocities up to 500 fpm 4" depth filters up to 625 fpm. Aerostar Series 400 pleats are recommended for most commercial and industrial applications to protect people and equipment, or as pre-filters to even higher efficiency air filters.


The improved Aerostar Series 400 pleated filter has independent test lab data confirming exceptionally high levels of airborne particle removal with the lowest resistance to air flow available.

  • Series 400 HC model achieves MERV 10
  • Series 400 SC model achieves MERV 8
  • Series 400 HC model initial resistance of 0.17" w.g. @ 500 fpm
  • Series 400 SC model initial resistance of 0.19" w.g. @ 500 fpm
  • Higher levels of filtration make the Series 400 extremely effective removing many airborne irritants such as pollens, molds, dander, and dust.
  • Low resistance improves air flow and can greatly reduce energy costs
  • Series 400 pleat filters can be a valuable tool in achieving points for USGBC - LEED certification projects.


Aerostar Series 400 pleated air filters are designed for use in commercial buildings, hotels, industrial filtration, airports, school and universities, or any application desiring higher levels of air filtration to protect occupants from airborne irritants and protect cooling coils, ductwork, and other components of the HVAC system from dust and dirt.

  • High Capacity achieves MERV 10
  • Standard Capacity achieves MERV 8
  • Extremely low resistance to air-flow minimizes energy costs
  • 100% synthetic media is moisture resistant and will not promote biological growth
  • Advanced media does not rely on electrostatic charge for efficiency

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