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Synthetic Pocket Air Filter (Case of 4)





This configuration is not available


The Aerostar SoniQ Pocket filter is constructed with a moisture-resistant, ultrasonically welded media. This synthetic media consists of strategically layered and blended melt-blown polypropylene fibers fastened to a non-shed, high density polypropylene backing. This design creates a dual-stage filtration effect with the final layer capturing the smaller particulate from the air stream. The patented ultrasonic welding process allows us to manufacture a product that has no stitch holes in the media and provides a substantial increase in effective surface area.

Vertical separators are incorporated into each pocket to effectively channel air throughout the media to prevent excessive turbulence and allow even contaminant loading throughout the life of the filter. The header is constructed of 26 gauge galvanized steel with rolled edges to provide rigid support to the filter face and allow for easier handling.


The SoniQ Pocket filter offers high efficiency filtration while maintaining low resistance to air flow. The non-shed media eliminates fiber migration downstream and the ultrasonic welding provides lower resistance with no disruption to the integrity of the filter. The open throat design and the precise pocket spacing produces a product that is aerodynamically balanced and provides excellent all-round performance.


The SoniQ Pocket filters are designed as primary or secondary filters in heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. Superior dust-holding capabilities allow these filters to be used in most commercial and industrial applications as well as hospitals, automotive plants and biotechnology facilities. SoniQ Pocket filters can be used in most standard built-up filter banks or side-access housing systems.

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